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At 20, Albuquerque Grad Vydelia Morgan Literally Goes the Distance to Complete Her Pharmacy Technology Program

June 14, 2022

Vydelia Morgan is a young woman who knows exactly what she wants—and is well on her way to making it happen.

Vydelia, 20, who grew up on the Navajo Native American reservation, is the first person in her family to attend college. For half her life, she has dreamed of following in her aunt’s footsteps and becoming a registered pharmacist.

Her first step toward that goal—becoming a certified pharmacy technician—will become a reality later this month, when she completes her externship and graduates from Carrington’s2022世界杯预选赛 . Since becoming a student on the Albuquerque campus, Vydelia has earned six academic achievement awards and has served as a student mentor, encouraging incoming students to follow in her footsteps.


It’s quite literally been a long journey for Vydelia, who commuted two days a week from Gallup to Albuquerque—280 miles round trip—to complete her program. We talked with Vydelia about the value of setting goals, her desire to be a role model for her younger siblings, and what she’s learned about herself while pursuing her education at Carrington.

How did you first learn about Carrington?

I have a couple of friends from high school who graduated from Carrington’s Medical Assisting program at the Albuquerque campus. They both had a really positive experience, so I decided to check it out and learn more about the available programs. When I found out that Carrington offers a Pharmacy Technology program, it felt like a great first step toward the career I want.

What about the Pharmacy Tech program interested you?




What would you say you’ve learned about yourself during the process of completing your program at Carrington?


You recently completed your externship at a pharmacy. What’s a typical day like for a Pharmacy Technician?

It’s a busy, fast-paced environment, but it’s also one that requires a lot of attention to detail. You always have to make sure you have all of the correct patient information. Avoiding errors is critical, especially when you’re inputting patient information and filling prescriptions. In a pharmacy setting, most prescriptions are pills and liquids. I’d like to eventually work in a hospital setting where the pharmacy does medical compounding to create customized medications.

What do your parents think about what you’ve accomplished?



I’m interested in gaining some real-life experience as a pharmacy technician for a year or two, and then returning to college and studying to become a registered pharmacist. I’d like to stay in the area where I grew up so that I can help provide services that are needed in my Navajo community.

What advice would you give someone who might be thinking about enrolling in a Carrington program?

I would tell them that in order to succeed, you have to want it and be willing to work for it. I commuted to and from school three to four hours, round trip, to get my education. It wasn’t always easy, but it was definitely worth it. I think it’s important to always keep your goal in mind—and to stay focused on achieving it!

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