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Through Hardwork and Dedication, Beatriz Reyes, Successfully Graduated the Medical Assisting Program at the Albuquerque Campus

June 16, 2022


I was raised by my grandparents in Albuquerque. My mom was around but I didn’t have a father figure, so my grandpa stepped up. Life wasn’t easy and I experienced adversity. I even was labeled as slow just because my mind works differently. I had a rough time in high school, and I never really thought I’d be anything when I grew up. I continued to have a tough time after high school. Employers weren’t helpful when it came to giving me what I needed to succeed. I told my auntie that I wanted to help people. I am a very caring person. She suggested medical assisting and I thought that sounded great. Once I got into the世界杯2022赛程时间表 program at Carrington, everybody was so awesome and loving. They are willing to help you with everything if you give them the chance. I don’t know where I would be without Carrington.

When did you decide to pursue your career in medical assisting?

That would have been December 2020 when I was talking to my auntie.

What motivated you to choose Carrington?

I had always heard good things about it. I also have my grandparents who raised me, and I wanted to be able to care for them. Eventually, I would like to be a nurse and then a doctor.

What was your favorite part of your program at Carrington?

Going onto campus and developing hands-on skills like injections. I really love injections. It was scary at first, but they show you how and motivate you to do it.


Blood draws for me were a little bit scary and electrocardiograms (EKGs). But once you get the hang of them, they are neat. The most difficult thing was going through something personal and difficult, which made me lose motivation.

What got you through the challenging times?


Are there Carrington instructors or staff members who you would like to acknowledge?

I was in a night class at first and it wasn’t working for me. Instructor Ashton recommended that I do morning classes so she could help me. I switched and she was the sweetest soul ever. She motivated and pushed me to succeed. She was so loving and immense help. Everyone needs an instructor like that. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her. I love her so much.

I also want to mention Bonnie (Program Director). I bumped heads with her until I realized she was helping me. Then I grew close to her. I realized she recognized me. She helped and encouraged me when I fell into a deep depression. She would check on her “Little B.” When I did well at my internship, Ashton and her were proud. I don’t know where I would be if they didn’t push me. They didn’t have to, but they did because they cared.


Tell us about your current work.

I am not working now, but I do have an interview coming up. I wanted to take a little break after graduating in late March. I just received my diploma two weeks ago. I took theCertified Clinical Medical Assistant(CCMA) exam and passed it with a 400. My hands were shaking when I passed it! I never thought that I would ever go to college coming from where I came from. I am so proud of myself.

Are you interested in working with a specific population?

I have a passion for helping the elderly. My grandparents raised me, and when I was doing my internship, I met a lot of older people. It is hard to see people be cruel to them. I realized that I can be a light in their day. It feels amazing to have them say that they felt that I was very sweet or very welcoming. I think that the world is so tough that it is a good idea to be nice because you don’t know what somebody is going through.

Do you have any advice for people interested in going into your field?

My biggest advice is don’t slack. Realize that you do matter to people, and they want to see you succeed. Work hard for it and be supportive of yourself and everybody else. Once you have completed your program, you are going to feel so good!

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